2011 Toyota Tundra - Threw a rod

Bought my 2011 Tundra new. Has 114000 miles. Was driving 60 mph today and engine threw a rod.

That sucks


We feel for you. That is unusual in that model and brand.

Asian vehicle myths aside, it’s unnusual in any model or brand at that age and mileage.

Since there is no information given that would lead to the actual cause, I’d guess that for one reason or another, the engine starved to death on a lack of lubrication or suffered from neglect or inadequate maintenance.

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Throwing a rod means…

  1. Run it out of oil.
  2. Lax on oil changes which led to premature wear and early failure.
  3. A history of thrashing the beejeezus out of it.
  4. A rev limiter should prevent overrevving but if the engine is worn due to the above then a rod can give up before the engine hits the limiter.

+1 to both of the above comments.
If the engine has run properly for 8 years and–presumably–10s of thousands of miles–this is not a case of a manufacturing defect. Instead, it has to be a case of some type of abuse of the engine.

A McParts store sent me an S10 with a thrown rod in a newly installed engine they sold and I could see no reason for the failure and replaced the engine. When I test drove the truck I found it would not shift out of low range and called the owner who stopped by the shop with his stone deaf son who was driving when the engine blew and called the customer service warranty line to inform them. The customer’s warranty paid for the new engine replacement once the transmission was replaced and I was required to road test the truck before releasing it to the owner. Strange things can happen. I can’t imagine what would happen if a child grabbed the shift leaver at 75 mph and pulled it back to low gear. I’m real curious about this one for sure.