2011 Toyota Prius - Noisy, overheats, CEL

Engine noise at cold start. Check engine light comes on and overheats. Started happening at around 150k miles

Have the codes read and post back. Format P0123.
Are all fluids at correct level? Have all maintenance procedures been done at correct mileage/time intervals?

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All fluids WERE fine. Took it to the dealer. Codes said misfire on two cylinders and water pump was bad. They did a compression test and wasn’t the head gasket. Replaced all plugs and water pump and flushed the system. No leaks. Drove it last Monday and no problems. Started it Tuesday and had engine noise again. Drove it with no issues. Started Wednesday with engine noise again. Drove it, check engine light came on again. Pulled over and checked coolant tank and had to add coolant. Has been back at the dealer AGAIN since last Thursday. Supposed to hear update today…as they have no IDEA what it is. Toyota rep supposed to be in the loop at this point. Will update later.,