2011 Toyota Prius - Lights

Low beams are out; bulbs are good; high beams work. Is this a fuse, wiring, or some other issue… and is this easily fixed, or if it requires a mechanic to diagnose, what is a fair price. Thanks

Prius lights of that vintage are tricky. You could have a simple issue, or you may have the trickier issue described in thisCarTalk story. The Facebook Prius Owner’s club may be a resource.

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Are you sure that the low beams are fine.
The bulb has two elements, one for the high beam and one for the low beam.

Many people don’t notice that they have one low beam out, until the other goes out and then because no light on low beams and it’s definitely noticeable.



Replacing both bulbs with the exact # recommended is a logical first step.

These seem to be LED headlights. There’s 6 pages of circuit diagrams … lol … The high beams seem to have separate fuses for each side, but the low beams just use the basic 10 A ign fuse and the 40 A battery fuse. I doubt it is a fuse problem, but check those just in case. I’d guess either you just need new bulbs or the ground connection to the fixture isn’t making a good connection to chassis ground.

Check the socket if it is getting the proper voltage. I think it should be 12V. If not, the issue is the socket, fuse or the wring harness.

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