2011 Toyota Highlander - remote comes on by itself

My Toyota Highlander 2011 model remote comes on by itself about twice a day, when no one touches the remote.It beeps for about seven seconds and automatically starts the engine.The engine shuts down by itself within 90 secsonds

Pls anyone experienced this before.?Asked the dealer and he seems to be lost as well.

Is this a Toyota remote starter? Or an aftermarket remote starter? If it is aftermarket, remove it and throw it away.

Just have the remote disabled , problem solved . Where I live you can be fined for having an unattended vehicle running anyway.

If you park in your garage, I absolutely insist that you put two carbon monoxide detectors in your house immediately if you don’t already have some. If this happens at night and it doesn’t shut off, you might not wake up the next morning. Of course, it would be better to park in the driveway while this is sorted out.

Are you sure about the details of this law? Usually it only applies to cars that can be driven away, which by design can’t be done when a car is remote-started.