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2011 Toyota Corolla - Mashed synchros

Synchro mesh mashed in 4th gear. It’ll go in on idle. I tried feathering the clutch. I’ve a qualification in mechanical engineering. Useless. I listen to the show in Ireland. It’s a backdated show. We only like Japanese cars. Odometer reading circa 300,000kms

Since you already know the problem, you know the solution–fix the transmission. For now, skip 4th gear and go from 3rd to 5th or vise versa.

Nine abbreviated sentences and not one question. I think that might be a record!

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Welcome to Car Talk.

Tom passed away in 2014. That’s why the shows are reruns.

It’s more than likely something in combo with a mashed (whatever that is) synchronizer. Excessive mainshaft end play, worn synchro hub. sleeve, dogs, etc. No matter, old show and for what it’s worth most synchro problems are owner inflicted or due to clutch issues left unattended.