2011 Toyota Camry rear shade

Can the springs be repaired in the rear window shade for Toyota Camry XLE? I’ve been told that the whole assembly needs replacing and the only thing wrong is that the shade won’t spring back into the assembly.

It’s called the rear shade cartridge.


So the assembly requires replacement.


If they’re trying to tell you that the entire sunroof assembly needs to be replaced, they’re full of bull.

Years ago the sunroof on my car began malfunctioning and the dealer told me I needed to replace the entire sunroof assembly for $4,000. I walked away and did some research. All it needed was to be “reinitialized”, a standard protocol of programming the body control module (BCM) that is done on every new car of my model to set the BCM baselines.

This is not about a sunroof , but the rear window power shade .

It’s not a power shade.