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2011 Subaru Outback rear end banging

Rear end banging noise as if being hit by another car… car jerks very sharply . Usually happens when excellerating from slow start or roll. Then shifts thru 3,4,5 usually. Happens only intermittently…
3.5 v6 awd…

All fluid levels good… no other noise…no wheel noise , no dashboard warning lights indicated!!!

Is it possible that your rear differential is very low on oil?
Have you noticed any signs of leakage after moving the vehicle from its parking space?
Even if you haven’t noticed any leakage, this is something that needs to be attended to yesterday by a qualified mechanic. Do not continue to drive it with that noise.

And, just for the record, you do not have a “V-6”.
Your 3.6 liter engine is an “H-6”.

Along with VDCdrivers’ comments are all four of your tires identical?

You should have the rear axles and wheel bearings as well as differential checked. I have drove a 2010 Outback 6 cylinder for well over 100,000 miles and the only problem I had was rear wheel bearings replacing them at about 115,000 miles. I got more of a wailing/shrieking noise your symptoms sounds more like a differential.