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2011 Subaru Forester

First Click and Clack post…

Any opinions on this SUV? Getting the new car bug again… 2 friends just purchased Ford Edge’s and I need to break fromthe pack :slight_smile:

I’m a big fan, as long as you need AWD. Our '07 has gone cross country several times, is roomy, and gets decent (not amazing) mpgs. Also, the '11 is the first year with a timing chain instead of belt, a major plus.

Had Subarus, and had very few problems. I agree with Texases, in that if you need awd it is really a plus. Otherwise, it takes a bite in the economy. Of the compact SUVs, it seems to be one of the best handling and riding. RAVs and CRV I feel have a slight edge in room.

If you get one, get the turbo charged version, the normal 4cyl just didn’t seem to cut it for freeway on ramps or up hill when I test drove one.

Yes, take a long test drive, see what you like. Ours is the non-turbo, did fine for us. And no premium gas, a plus. But you may like more pep.

Make sure that you take an extended test drive to assess how the seats in the Forester feel vis-a-vis your own physique. A friend of mine was going to buy a Forester because he loved the way that the car performed. Unfortunately, both he (driver) and I (passenger) developed back aches after just 30 minutes or so in the car. As a result, he bought a Rav-4.

By contrast, my 2011 Subaru Outback Limited has supremely comfortable seats, thus indicating that seat comfort can vary considerably from one model to another in the same make of car, and that seat comfort is a highly individual thing. I’m sure that many folks are comfortable in the Forester’s seats, even though neither my friend nor I were comfortable.

Thanks… That’s the one gripe I have about my 09 328i… the seat seems to hit me in bad spot on my left hamstring… I didn’t notice it at first, but now its a real PITA