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2011 Subaru Forester - Tire mileage

I have Goodyear Assurance tires “weather ready” with 60k mi coverage. I have replaced x 2 since purchasing my Subaru Forester in 2011. So, getting 45,000 mi only on them. The front left tire seems to have a slow leak over the last 2 mos. Have had it looked at for nails, screws etc. but none. In 2015 odometer was at 50,568; currently @ 96,692. Mix of highway/city driving.
Why are tires not making the 60k mark?
Thanks for your feedback.

Tire mileage ratings are simply for comparison unless warrantied by the tire company. The tire companies can’t know how and where you drive.

So… Your mileage may vary. It is that simple.

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First of all these tires are at or near their time limit for being counted on for use. Depending of where you are and the weather tires should be replaced between 6 and 10 years old . If you drove nothing but highway miles you could get more than 60000 but you seen to drive short distance and that will get you less miles.

I have never received the rated mileage from any tire and never expect to. I am comfortable taking curves and corners at higher speeds than most people and that shortens tire life. Short trips with many turns and acceleration and stops shorten tire life. Concrete highways are more abrasive than blacktop and shorten tire life, especially if the concrete is made with crushed stone rather than river rock pebbles.

Crushed stone concrete however is saher to drive on because of it’s superior traction.

Slow leaks can be caused by a dent i n the rim or a leaking valve. I just replaced rusty leaky rims on my daughters RAV4 as the rims rusted around the valve stems causing a slow leak.

I usually get my tires from Costco with a mileage guarantee. They require rotation @ Costco so they can monitor the tires and properly rotate. I did not reach the full mileage on two sets of tires and got a decent prorated discount on the next set. I doubt anyone could get the full mileage, but their warranty and service keeps me coming in the store.

I had a 98 Lumina sedan that ate tires, I got about half the miles of the warranty. My Corolla comes close, so it depends on the car, driver etc.