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2011 Seat Ibiza fuel rail pressure too low

I am an 18 year old student studying autotmive engineering at uni and have a problem with my car I would like to know more about. I have a 2011 Seat Ibiza 1.2 TDI that has done just over 100k miles. It has a check engine light and the glow plug light flashes occasionally. The engine light is permeant and the glow plug light sometimes flashes when the car is giving syptoms but then sometimes the car is fine and the glowplug light does not flash. When it does flash codes on a snap on ECU come up saying that the cars fuel rail system pressure is too low. I bought a new fuel rail which I installed and the car could not start. I assumed it was a problem with the fuel rail so I bought another and installed it. The car started eventually but took some time getting started with the ignition on. At first there was no warning lights but eventually they came back on, same warning of fuel rail pressure being too low. Is this to do with something else possibly the pressure sensor on the fuel rail itself or could it be a more serious problem such as the fuel pump or an injector. The car occasionally idles higher or very rough and out of balance. Aswell as this it sometimes struggles to pick up speed or the miles on the dash suddenly go from 100 to 75 even though I have done 1-2 miles. Any help would be appreciated as I am very interested in diagnosing the problem but do not have the money to try all the options. Thank you.

Fuel pressure is developed by the fuel pump.


What about the fuel filter?

Or fuel pressure regulator

seat is owned by VW. wonder how their diesel motors run vs the vw versions?
so, your pressure is low. so you change the fuel rail?
yes, pressure is a result of restriction of flow. no restriction=no pressure.
maybe start at the beginning. fuel pump?