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2011 RAM 2500 - Two failures in one

My Dodge 2011 Ram, gas, 4x4, after making a left turn my transmission slipped into neutral and lost my brakes. After towing the truck to the dealership, they couldn’t get the truck to re-create the situation.

Did the engine stall?

Did the engine die?

If the engine didn’t stall out when this occurred, the only link b/t the brakes and transmission I can think of is a loss of intake manifold vacuum. It powers the brake booster, and often is an input to the transmission shifting strategy. So it makes sense to visually check all the vacuum hoses connected to the intake manifold vacuum source, including the big thick one to the brake booster. Check the pcv system hoses too while you are at it, as well as making sure the pcv valve isn’t stuck fully open (if your truck uses that part).

No, the engine didn’t stall. It wouldn’t accelerate. Driving down a hill on the highway. Lost brakes and engine would rev but no power. The 4x4 Transfer case light came on indicating it was in neutral. The following day, after towing to the dodge dealership. It worked just fine for the Dodge mechanics, they drove it around for 20 miles and couldn’t replicate the situation.