2011 ram 1500 4x4 tire issues

i purchased four new rims and tires for my truck which are smaller than the current ones so to clear i had to put 2in spacers on all 4 but after getting the spacers and new tires on my truck wont move at all and if it does there is a loud grinding noise. Any help is appreciated

Are you sure the brake calipers are clear of the smaller wheels?


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Well that was supposed to be a the reason why i needed the spacers to clear the caliper, could it still not be enough then

Why did you want smaller wheels on a 4X4 truck ? Did you not tell the wheel shop what you were putting these smaller wheels on ? What size did you have and what are these new ones ?

old wheels are 20 in rims on a 35 in tire new ones are a 15x7 rims on 35 in tires and yes we went over it which lead us to the use of spacers for clearance

From a cursory web search, it seems 17" wheels are the minimum to avoid caliper interference. Here’s a thread on a Dodge forum where it is discussed.

2" spacers seem excessive. It’s best to avoid spacers.

Are saying you had 35 series tires and still have 35 series tires ? What kind of wheel shop was this because as Bug says 17 inch wheels seem to be the smallest that will fit.

I thinks he’s saying 35 inch diameter tires, not 35 series.

The Dodge ram hasn’t used 15" wheels since 1993.

Wheel spacers are a hazard, get wheels that fit.


Yes i see that now but it was the same size tire 35x12 just different rim size and its just a local mechanic shop that specializes in wheels tires and brakes

It’s the rim that has to clear the caliper, not the tire.

I think the word ( specializes ) does not apply here.


Your new wheels are too small to accommodate the brakes. 17 inch wheels were the smallest wheel option available from the factory. Also using two inch spacers is just asking for trouble. You need get correctly sized sized wheels that will get you the width you need with a diameter that will clear your brakes and with an offset that gets you the stance you’re after. You won’t be able to use the 35 inch tires you have now as they’ll only fit a 15 inch wheel and 15 inch wheels are too small for your truck.

Your local mechanic should’ve known this from the get go.

I wouldn’t use that shop again, for anything.


A wheel with a 7" width is too narrow for 35X12.5R15 tires, the wheel width range is 8.5" to 10".

15" truck wheels and tires are somewhat obsolete, is this old inventory at a bargain price?

Whose idea was it to attempt a classic look on a late model truck? 17" wheels have been the standard on the Ram 1500 since 2002.

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What is bolt pattern

If you’re telling us the mechanic can’t figure out what this obvious problem is, then they aren’t a “mechanic”.


I think i missed the point of this… did she ask you to look for different rims for her?