2011 Nissan Maxima power loss

I am wondering if any other people are experiencing the loss of power on take off and hills on 2011 Maxima ???

With a 10 year old vehicle there are a lot of things that can lead to power loss.

When you sense a loss of power, is the reading on the tachometer in the “normal” range for that speed and gear?
Have you maintained it at least as well as the manufacturer specifies, in terms of both odometer mileage and elapsed time?

Have the fuel pressure tested.


The big question to me is whether or not the engine seems to be revving excessively in relation to the forward speed.

That would help in determining whether or not this is an engine issue or a transmission slipping problem. Not enough info to know.

If the transmission is fine then a worn out engine, clogged catalytic converter, low fuel pressure, etc could be behind a lack of engine power problem.

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I did have them put a scanner on it and came up as the Mass Airflow Sensor to be replaced so I ordered it , so when I do finally replace it ( I tried cleaning it and changed out the air filter) is there any way of trying to avoid bringing it to a dealer for a pcm update ? Thanks.

Hi , not sure if u received my last email but I want to tell you that I did have a scanner put on the 2011 Max and the main code that came up was the P0101 Mass air flow sensor so I ordered a nissan OEM part ,so my question is after I install it can I clear codes with scanner again or do I have to go to the dealer to do a pcm update or can any repair shop with a high end auto scanner do it or last thing can I un hook the Battery to maybe clear it ? Thanks.

Metro , all of your posts are seen by everyone who is on this forum . No need to reply to each person with the same statement. Also not all members use email ( I don’t because I get enough stuff I don’t want ) .

If the repair is successful, the computer will turn off the check engine light after two good trips. Disconnecting the battery will also erase the fault and stored memory.

I don’t see a software update available to solve a mass airflow sensor fault, I don’t think a PCM update will help.

Thank you so much! You have been a great help! :+1:

Ok , got it thx , I’m a first timer :blush:

If the MAF doesn’t do the trick, be sure to consider an exhaust obstruction, like a failing catalytic converter. Esp consider the cat if you have ever

  • run out of gas
  • done a lot of high speed driving for long periods of time
  • coolant overheating incidents
  • serious long term air fuel mixture ratio problems (lean and/or rich problems)
  • had bad gas, wrong octane gas, gas contaminated with diesel etc in the tank