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2011 Mustang V6 clutch problems

I own a 2011 Ford Mustang Coupe with a manual transmission (V6 Model). My dealer diagnosed a throw out bearing and a pilot bearing malfunction, obviously needing replacement.

This car is an absolute cream puff, I drive it only 500-1,000 miles per year, it is in it’s 10th year (2011 purchased in 2010). It is my summer car, it sits in the garage from Oct-May, and then it is driven on weekends to the golf course.

Now to my question, the real expense here is getting into the clutch, what else should I replace or have done as long as it is opened up? Ford is saying it is possible it needs a new pressure plate and then resurface the flywheel. I am wondering if I should also have things like the slave cylinder, fluid flush fill, etc. I don’t drive the car hard, but it has never had a smooth clutch, EVER. I bought the car in 2012 used with 7,000 miles on it. I am frustrated it even needs work, as I have had manual transmission cars my entire life (I am 53) and believe it or not, I’ve NEVER had to have any of my cars worked on for clutch problems. I am simply not hard on my clutch.

The job itself is getting expensive, right now about $900 to do the throw out and pilot bearings. The more I have done the higher this will go. I want the thing fixed for good. Also, do I stick to OEM parts, or does the aftermarket have better stuff I’d be happy with?

Advice? Thoughts?

I forgot to mention, this car only has 15,465 miles on it.

Whoever does the clutch replacement will probably install a clutch kit.


Okay, OEM or do I try something in the aftermarket?

Ford doesn’t make clutch parts.

They purchase them from a supplier.


Okay, now the suppliers of these parts…on-line, it is like the toothpaste isle…too many choices…Since I am paying for labor, how do I choose the right parts…once installed, no turning back, so I want to be happy with the parts and feel of the clutch. Mustangs have a huge aftermarket list of supplies and suppliers…need help sorting through all this stuff!

You’re over-complicating this.

Just get a clutch kit and have it installed.


That is not a good way to have this repaired. You buy parts and if they are faulty the mechanic does not have to warranty them or the labor. Just find a good independent shop , let them do this right and move on. As Tester said you are really making this way to complicated. And have them solve your other 5 year old problem at the same time.

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That is my problem…I over analyze everything. And I am cheap :slight_smile:

Which makes me wonder how long it takes you to hit a golf shot .

Actually I play 18 holes in 2.5 hours.

[quote=“golfnut1, post:9, topic:163247”]
That is my problem…I over analyze everything. And I am cheap :slight_smil

Stay away from the ford dealer and find a good independent shop as VOLVO__V70 advised it will be a lot cheaper.

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The clutch kit Tester posted includes the slave cylinder if you didn’t pick that up. The big labor is removing and installing the transmission. Everything else is a “while you are in there”.

Ford doesn’t make the parts but they sell the same spec stuff that goes in the car and my Ford dealer isn’t that expensive. For an unmodified car you do not need anything except factory spec parts.

As others have posted… have the shop doing the work get the parts so they will warranty the work.


If you’re cheap, then you should let the mechanic pick the parts, because if the part you pick fails you’re going to pay for the entire job all over again, whereas if the mechanic’s part fails you will not have to pay anything.


All too often, people pursue a route that they mistakenly think will save them money, and they wind-up shooting themselves in the foot.


VDC, that is why I am asking all these questions… as long as I have to spend the money on labor, I want the highest quality parts I can get.

The original clutch in your vehicle failed with low miles, and it was supplied by Ford…

Unless you beat the hell out of this car, you don’t need a heavy duty high performance clutch.


I suspect there was a fault in the original parts. Highly rare for a clutch to fail this early with an experienced driver. Normally this would have been found and fixed under warranty but this car was driven so infrequently you are now footing the bill. (pun intended)

Once repaired… please drive and enjoy the car.

One more thing community. I have called around…local shops are not too keen on giving me estimates… Anyone is the Green Bay Area or Fox Valley, WI out there that has a reference for a trusted local mechanic or shop? I am spoiled, most of my cars are newer and the dealer takes care of my needs, mostly under warranty over the years. With this older car, no more warranty. The calls I’ve made so far, they don’t seem interested in my car or repair needs.