2011 Mazda Mazda2 - Multimedia

Hey guys maybe you can help me :slight_smile:
Today i have installed a multimdia system to my car (mazda 2 2011)
After i plugged back the car battery the km count (the km that counts how much km you can drive with the gas you have) just get up the 1040! Its was at 520 that is the normal and its just jumped up and the km is getting down very fast.
Its very annoying :frowning:
Some one know maybe a way to reset that or something? Thanks!

YOU just reset that by unhooking the battery. As you say, it is coming down, and it will correct itself, by itself. The display is just an estimate and now it is wrong but it will soon be close to correct.

Ignore it and drive on. It will be close to correct in a day or so.