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2011 Kia Sorento - Whines Coming to Stop

My 2011 Sorento 3.6LT transmission wins coming to a stop. I bought it at 60,000 plus miles now it has 112,893 miles (8) years old.

What does it win?? I think you mean whine. I’d suggest the transmission’s pump is making noise. If the fluid has never been changed, I’d suggest it is now past time. If the noise goes away, you dodged a bullet. If it doesn’t and the fluid that comes out looks and smells burnt, start saving for a new transmission.

It may also be a power steering pump whine. Open the hood and listen and have a friend turn the wheel back and forth. Check the fluid level, smell to see if smells burnt, change it and hope the whine goes away. Otherwise you might need a new pump.

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Some 2011 Sorentos have electric power steering, thus no pump and no fluid. Without knowing more, it’s a coin toss which the OP has. I’d concentrate on the transmission.