2011 Jeep Liberty - Stuck flywheel?

flywheel is stuck , starter is unable to turn over engine and shut off on me while on the express way showing a battery light and died completely no power

sounds like the motor locked up. did you keep on oil changes and check the oil level?

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If your vehicle has a timing belt, it may have broke.

First step; pull the dipstick and check the oil, or lack of, level. Then the questions of who does the oil changes along with when and if the last time that dipstick was removed to perform that little chore arises.

Agreed; sounds like the engine seized and a replacement engine is in your future.

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Before you diagnose anything else, you need to resolve your battery issues. A locked up engine and a dead battery are pretty much unrelated issues. A dead battery will not turn over either a locked or unlocked engine.


I’d first check if the engine was locked up with a wrench on the crank pulley bolt. No reason to spend money on a battery if the engine’s toast.


Just some food for thought.
A guy brought a 4 cylinder Nissan to me once with a seized engine. Car was bought new, low miles, oil changed every 3k miles, and fluids checked every other week with no oil usage noticed. Backed out of drive and it locked up with zero noise.
His instructions were to rebuild and money was no object.

Something did not sound right unless there was a freak rod breakage or something and which should have been noticed.
Investigation showed the idler pulley bearing for the A/C belt had seized. With the belt off the engine fired right up and sounded fine. Charged him 50 bucks for a 15 minute repair and sent him on his way after replacing the $5 bearing only.
At first he did not believe me when I said that was the cause so it took some convincing. When he saw the old bearing it hit home.

So the OP might remove the belt and see if any accessory is frozen. And hope that is the case.


My guess is the alternator went the fritz, so the ignition system current drained the battery while driving, which eventually made it stop running. Now the problem is that battery is dead, so when the key is turned to “start” OP probably hears a click, or maybe not anything, in any event the engine isn’t cranking. OP, are you able to measure the battery voltage? If so, that’s the first step. Report what you measure here for more ideas.