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2011 Jeep Compass - Price check

TIRESPLUS checks revealed that
BOTH LOWER FRONT BALL JOINTS must be removed & replaced

  1. 108 control arm 1 each drive
  2. 109 control arm 1 each drive.
    $259.99 each plus $121 labor
    TOTAL $694.91 $799.09 if i was paying for alignment

IS THAT THE CHEAPEST for my 2011 Jeep Compass latitude?

Do NOT drive your vehicle for any amount of time until you get the diagnosis confirmed and repaired.
You won’t know if it is the “cheapest” until you get second or third estimates. But cheap may mean low quality parts. Check mechanics files on Cartalk home page and/or yelp reviews for shops in your area.
As far as “if I was paying for alignment” you must get it aligned after this type of work.