2011 Hyundai Accent OK for road trip?

Can a 2011 hyndai accent of 4 cyli ders in perfect consitions drive from denver to port saint lucie florida?

Not by itself :slightly_smiling_face:
If you have good tires and maintenance up to date your chances are just as good with any brand.

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Lol. Thanks for the prompt reply. It is well maint’d and has 4 brand new all season tires.

Forgive me, but this is a strange question

Do you have reason to think you’ll get stranded?

Any car could run over road debris, run out of gas, or get t-boned by an idiot

Assuming you’re a good driver, check all the fluid levels before heading on your trip, check and maintain the proper tire pressures, etc., there’s no reason to think the car won’t make it

Are you relocating?

Are you planning on carrying a bunch of people, plus hundreds of pounds of luggage?

If so, that car wouldn’t be my first choice

I was worried if there were any big hills the car would have to go up., and no theres not a ton of people just me n my daughter and a 32 inch tv in the truck.

You are starting in Denver, CO and ending up in Florida. You are already at the top of the hill on that trip.

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It seems to me that living in Colorado you would have trouble not driving up big hills. Isn’t that where Pikes Peak is?

yes, pikes peak is over here and there are hills., nothing too terrible, my car does go over them but if its going up a mountain it will go up just slow. I guess I will be ok if I have driven my vehicle here in colorado. thks

Engines (without turbochargers) produce less power at high elevations due the the less dense air, that is quite noticeable when driving vehicles with small engines up grades in the Rocky Mountains. You won’t find those high elevations driving east.

Is Denver one of those places that sells 85-octane gas? If so, you don’t want to fill up with that at the start of your trip, as you’ll be heading to lower elevations.

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Suggest to schedule a general inspection at your shop. Tell them what you are planning, and they’ll give your vehicle a look see top and bottom, and let you know any looming problems that need to be addressed before departing. Beyond that, with careful driving, you should be fine.

re the tv. Is this one of those big glass screen (i.e. not a flat screen) 32 inch tv’s? If so and I was doing that trip I’d leave the tv behind, and buy a new flat screen tv in Florida. Some folks like those big heavy glass screen tvs b/c of their picture quality, so you may be able to sell it and get a little money at least. By leaving it behind you’ll save on gas and won’t have to wrestle it in and out of the car. A 40 inch flat screen new costs what, $250? Leave that ancient, heavy tv in Denver.

Thank you for the suggestions. Its appreciated


crt tvs are worth nothing here . . . nobody will pay one red cent for them

Go to your local city-run facility that accepts e-waste . . . you’ll see pallets of them

Good Grief, you can’t even give those things away.

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The thought is a good one, but even Goodwill won’t take CRT (“glass screen”) TVs anymore. BestBuy used to accept them for recycling, but they now charge $20 to do so. Our local recycling center (dump) also charges to accept them. I’ve gotten rid of two over the past year… cost me $40 total.

A young gamer told me some of his cohorts prefer big old CRT TVs because they display fast movement better than the new ones. That was a few years ago, though.

One pre-trip check is the tire pressure, making sure to include the spare. You may want to test out the tire changing tools and procedures, too. But if that’s not your thing, having a working spare will make it better if you have a flat and someone stops to help.

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I see quite a few advertised on ebay. One 32 incher is priced at $649.

But do they sell?

I was unaware of the speed differences mentioned by Shanonia, but I cannot imagine any other reason why someone would want one. Except perhaps for weight lifting. I still have two (small, 13") CRT TVs, and a few flat screens, and I find the flat screen images to be better than the CRTs.

Actually, one of the CRTs I got rid of last year was one I’d bought in 1976. And, believe it or not, it still had a pretty good picture. Usually the cathode erodes and the picture gets fuzzy, but this one stayed pretty clean. Of course, I did have to get up to change the volume or turn it on and off, and it took a minute to warm up, but the channel was changed via the cable box.

No idea, but presumably some do, otherwise why do so many people bother to advertise on ebay? I prefer the dark black visual levels you can get on the crt TV’s, better contrast. The flat screens have that big format, and have nice bright colors and good resolution, but they seem a little washed out to me. I have a flatscreen, but still watching most of my tv on glass.

I’m sorry, but unless somebody provides me with proof that a 32" crt tv actually sold for $649 . . . or anywhere near that asking price . . . I’m going to call it a pipe dream

Just because you list such a dinosaur for that price doesn’t mean much, in my opinion

Doesn’t mean they’re realistic

Any website selling items has listings that are pure pipe dreams . . . I can show you any number, but I don’t really feel like spending the time. And I KNOW they’re pipe dreams, because several months later, they’re still listed, for the same price. The fact that nobody’s biting should say something