2011 Honda CR-V P0304 code

Po304 2011 Honda CRV

Hi Hal, can you tell us a little more?

Misfire cylinder 4. Could be:

Faulty spark plug or wire
Faulty coil (pack)
Faulty oxygen sensor(s)
Faulty fuel injector
Burned exhaust valve
Faulty catalytic converter(s)
Running out of fuel
Poor compression Defective computer

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Replaced the plugs & coil pack, the misfire continues. I now have a failed alternator. Are these related? I think it’s electrical related as I began having the code issue with my remote starter one day and all my radio stations reset and the code began. I have an OBD Checker and reset the code when it began in January until now, which is about every other day. One day I got 4 codes, P0304 & PD along with P0301 & PD.

Might not be a problem but I don’t think having your personal and company contact info on an open web site is advisable . You can click on the slanted pencil looking thing to edit.

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Hal Raymond

Now that we have determined that more than one cylinder is misfiring and new plugs and coils are in it, it is time to check fuel pressure. It’s been suggested here before to moniter the pressure while driving the vehicle. If possible that’s ideal.

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