2011 Honda Civic broken axle

Is it common to brake Axle? or is there any chances to brake while replacing whole breaks(front wheels)?

I did my inspection and emissions last week @ J L Freed. They were some recommendation about brake replacement. I asked them to go for it and they replaced brakes and passed inspection and emissions. Very next day, while I pull back my car from drive way and suddenly stopped working. Engine was running but it was moving forward or reverse.

At the end, I dropped of my car(BY Towed) back to J L Freed, they said, some reason Axle is broken.
I stated that, it may be happened while your tech were changing front brakes.

They were not ready to listen and denied that we didn’t brake it.
I paid them to replace my car axle but I wasn’t happy about it because they were not ready to take responsibilities.

Please advise.

Maybe its a coincidence or foul play. Did you actually watch them doing the brake job? Axle just don’t break like this.

Performing a front brake service on your Civic does not involve the front axles at all.

If the vehicle had the old Honda trapped rotor design, then it would.

Axles break in two ways. Either CV-joint fails, or the axle breaks from metal fatigue.

Notice the aftermarket axle on the left is larger in diameter than the OEM axle on the right?


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You can’t blame the place that did the brake work. Though they are working inches from the axle itself, the axle is not involved in doing a brake job.