2011 Ford Fiesta - Who can I truck trust most?

I had my local Ford dealership test drive my car. It is a hatchback. The driver drove around the parking lot on a cold WI day. He didn’t drive at any local road or hwy or freeway speed. The driver said I need at least 1 clutch. I only hear a rattling type almost like popcorn popping noises when it is cold outside. When the temperature gets warm like 35 degrees or 30 degrees F…I don’t hear the noise. Is it best to get a second opinion at another local Ford dealership or just with a local car mechanic next winter? Or should I get another driver at a local Farm & Fleet or a small shop look at it? The dealership will warranty labor and parts for 1 or 2 yrs.

Have a small local independent shop check the car. They will warranty the service as well and may be cheaper. If you get the same diagnosis you could probably choose between the 2. Getting a 3rd estimate is never a bad idea either. Don’t use the Farm and Fleet, your Fiesta is a car, not a tractor. Good Luck

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Farm and fleet nor Fleet Farm does clutch work, and most likely their mechanics only know how to mount tires, shocks, batteries and mufflers. That is about all they do as it is.
I recently had someone call them for spark plugs and they don’t even do that.

I have had good luck with their tires, but that is all I use them for.
Besides I do my own work as well as others, so I wouldn’t need them for much else but tires.


A second opinion is almost never a bad idea. If you aren’t comfortable with the diagnoses or the price, shop around. It’s your car and your money, so it’s your decision on where to go.