2011 Ford F350 - Tramlining

It started out pulling one way or the other when you went around a corner, now coming home it started to pull when I came around a corner on the highway first one way and then the other like you were hitting ruts in the road. I have had the steering gear box replaced twice and it still does it.

I don’t mean to be snarky, I think you need a second opinion from another mechanic.

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What about the rest of the steering linkage? Replaced?

Tires and bad wheel bearings can cause this too.

You need a good suspension shop to have a look.


Have new tires,had the front wheel bearings replaced,the drag link replaced,have been to two different top mechanics,I am at a loss,I love the truck but am ready to get rid of it if somebody can’t fix it.

Tramlining? Is this 1953 Budapest?

Over inflated steer tires ?


Has it been on the alignment rack? Just wondering about a caster issue is why I ask.

Pulls one way or the other? Try looking at the bushings.