2011 Equinox AC Blowing Hot Air

Neighbor kids Dad stuck in the hospital with COVID 19 so came to me for help. His 2011 Equinox AC is blowing hot air. I had a gauge for refilling so we gave it a shot.

With the car turned off, static pressure is approx 35psi @ 86 deg ambient air temp
Car turned on, the same
Turn on AC and it drops to 0 psi

Does this mean anything to anyone? When AC is on and the gauge was down to 0 psi, I tried my damnedest to shake that can of refrigerant and get some into the system but it’s not doing anything. Needle not moving at all and no refrigerant exiting the can. Did this for 20 minutes then heard a ‘click’ and the pressure shot up to 46psi. Can still full…assuming the click was the compressor kicking on, but unsure.

Thanks for any advise!