2011 Dodge Charger - Camera issue

sometimes when backing up my back up camera would go black so i would put back into park and back into reverse and it would be fine anyone else have that problem and aslo kept saying phone unavable when trying to connect phone when my phone is in the car

seems to be a problem with a lot of dodge and chrysler vehicles.
first check for loose wiring or bad ground. a lot of people had luck with changing the camera.
this a bulletin I found…




118000 electrical system: software


On certain vehicles various issues pertaining to blank rear view camera screen, presets, intermittently skipped, greyed out heated seat, backwards going navigation icon, routing issues with fuel station, etc. model 2011-12 charger, 300,

this shows how to put in new camera…

Weekend Project - 2011-2014 Dodge Charger Backup Camera Replacement - Webcommand.net