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2011 Chevrolet Cruze - Overheats

Ac shuts off message on car due to over heating. Replaced both sensors and heater core. Still getting message. Btw car only has 69 k miles. I’ve had to replace the housing unit thermostat 3 times in this car. Have a feeling this may be number 4. Also the water pump has been already replaced also. This car I bought brand new and has been nothing but problems.

Nice to know. No Cruzes for me. Did you have a question or did you just come here to tell us this.

I think you have to look different options since thermostat replacement does not seem to be working. Cooling fan, head gasket leak, coolant pressure check, many more options than a thermostat.

The heater core cannot make the car overheat unless it is leaking and the coolant loss made the car overheat. If that happened, you would have a puddle of coolant on the passenger floor.
Are you just replacing parts every time the car overheats or have you gone to an actual mechanic, described your symptoms and let them diagnose your problem? National chains are terrible at doing this kind of work. Their business model seems to be, replace something fast for a lot of money, get rid of the car quickly and hope that fixes it. If you go back they will seize on something else to make money on and keep up the process until you don’t go back. They will insist that what they replaced last time was needed and this is an additional problem even when the symptoms are the same.

There may be some air remaining in the system. Ask your shop to do a Vac-N-Fill to remove any remaining air, might help. If you wanted to try something yourself first, front wheels on ramps, heater on “hot”, remove cooling system cap(s), vent screw(s), and idle the engine until the thermostat opens fully, and no more air bubbles are seen coming up through the coolant when the rpms are bumped to 2,000 for 2 minutes.