2011 Chevrolet Corvette - DOA upon start

i have a 2011 Corvette convertible , manual transmission. once in a great while i will push the button to start it and all the guages bury to right then go back and nothing happens. when it happens it is usually only 1x then it starts.

last week same scenario…EXCEPT IT WENT DOA. everything went dark for 30seconds and came back only thing that stayed on while it was DOA was some dash lights and idiot light for brakes was also on so i knew battery was not dead.

this went on for 1/2 hr, luckily i was home so i got my jumper box, checked battery terminals, spotless and soild. tried jumping car but nothing.

after doing online research i stuck fob in slot and Voila it started.

since then not a problem at all but fob in slot 1x does not mean issue fixed. dealer baffled, not spending couple hundred dollars for them to guess.

any ideas

That’s for a diagnostic fee and it likely would be far better than a mere “guess” and be better than anything we could conjure up here on the interwebs. You own a very technically advanced car that requires advanced tools and personnel to find and fix problems.

I’d also ask you if the “dealer” who was baffled was the service writer? They were born baffled and steadfastly stay that way. They aren’t paid to diagnose your car. The trained (and paid) mechanic is there to diagnose your car.

I’d say the battery in your FOB needs to be replaced, based on what you posted. But my advice is free. Good Luck!

Am I ever missing something here . This person has a vehicle worth any where between 21000.00 to 27000.00 and does not want to spend 200.00 to find out what is wrong with it. When we had our Corvette the last thing I wanted was having a wrecker driver with 2 days experience pulling it up on a flat bed.

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i thought fob battery also but since this only happens every couple years and never like this before or since then the fob battery seemed unlikely but i have replaced since that day.

other that that strange issue i have never had any problems. i just change my oil every 9,000 miles and thats done by me not dealer. not cheap but if i can buy Mobil 1 at Walmart and filter at Napa it cost me less than $28 for oil change. Dealer wants over $100.

don’t mind paying for anything but $135 hr is a ripoff.

you could go a 1 man garage who might see 1 new vette a month and pay $75hr if that will make you feel better. or go to a dealer with more than 1 up to date factory trained techs? the $300hr tech who walks into factory and hooks up wire that everyone missed is worth something.