2011 Chevrolet 1500 - Lurches

2011 Silverado Z71 lurches forward sometimes. Can be moving fast or slow or stopped at a light. It feels just like some other vehicle bumped it from behind. One time when it lurched forward at a stop light it then stalled and it took three tries to get it started again. Only has 115,000 miles on it.

Check the level of the transmission fluid to see if it’s low.

While doing that, notice the color and the smell of the transmission fluid…

If the smell has burnt odor, that’s not good.

But to be honest, my experience has shown anytime a transmission lurches while stopped indicates the transmission is failing.


Try putting it in neutral when waiting at stoplights as an experiment. Notice any idle rpm surges?

Another idea, I had some lurching problems noticed when driving at slow neighborhood speeds w/my Corolla (manual transmission), caused by a combo of slightly clogged fuel injectors and a mis-adjusted throttle position sensor.

I did some reading up on this and it seems that there is a lot of complaints about this all the way down to under 300 miles on a NEW truck, most just deal with it, as it might be a nature of he beast thing on the 6L80 6 speed transmissions (unless you have a 4.3L V6, then it has the 4L60E), I saw some people saying could be the TPS, a few even said something about the TCM needing to be flashed with an update or something… But I never read about a definite “Fix” for the issue… Some even said driveshaft binding-lube it… May just have to ask around on some GM forums…
Like already mentioned, check all your fluid levels, check for any kind of binding in the driveshaft(s), I have seen front driveshaft u-joints binding up causing some weird stuff to happen…

I have seen 2 one owner RWD Z71’s (I guess like a Toyota Pre Runner), but most are 4WD… If you have and are running in 4WD auto, then put it in 2WD and see if that helps, and on that, are all the tires the same including tread depth (if you are using 4WD auto)??