2011 Camaro RS LT2 convertible or 2012 Audi 2.0T Premium

Commuter guy here trying to decide on best option for a daily driver for the upcoming year at least.
The ride is primarily highway and about 90 miles round trip. There is some in-city but just to the job and home. One option is the 2011 Camaro RS LT2 convertible. Plusses are power and 25 MPG overall.
Handling is nice. Ride is rough, noisy. Other negatives are no keyless entry, which is desirable because I am always packaged down with my job materials and thus fumbling for keys. Camaro has rear sensors but no rear camera. The Audi is a local trade in and much more upscale. It’s the 2.0L 4 cyls, FWD, CVT Quattro model convertible. Very nice interior with rear camera, navigation, and keyless entry. Concerned about reliability, how well each will hold up with regular service, road use. I am not hard on a car, but I do put miles on them.
Advice on either is welcome. Always wanted an Audi – is this the one in your estimation? Thanks!

Audi models talked about here a typically start with an “A”. A3, A4, etc. Or there some “Q’s” or one “TT”. Which one is it?

Reliability wise, 2011 Camaro looks to have pretty good reliability ratings from CR, all above average except the climate system and paint/trim (average), and body hardware (below average).

Also CR has a new publication listing known design problems addressed by recall, tsb, or customer interest programs. Might be a good idea to see what it says about your prospects.

Am I missing something here? I thought you had a new car that you were worried about bugs attacking it?

The Camaro will cost a lot less to maintain, and parts will cost a lot less if it needs repairs. Have you driven a Mazda3 or VW GTI? Late models of these will cost less to buy, and if you drive 450 miles a week just commuting, you will have to buy another car a lot more often than most people. It makes sense to keep acquisition costs down if you can.

Haven’t driven either one, but I’d go for the Camero.

I’m not a fan of either. The Camaro’s ride will get old quick, and the Audi’s CVT is not one I’d buy.

I’ve never been a convertible fan. I don’t like wind all the time and the hot sun on me. Designs may have improved but if you roll one over its still more of a problem. If you drive through or park in less desirable areas, its pretty easy to cut the top on a convertible. So for a practical car for commuting, I’m for something more standard, comfortable, quiet, and reasonable to repair.

My youngest son just bought a 2013 Camaro and loves it. His situation is likely different than yours and in regards to the Camaro keep in mind that convertible top is already 4 years old. At some point it may become a problem with wind noise or water leaks; excluding the obvious theft issue if some comedian decides to take a steak knife to it.

The Audi is more of a high end car and all high end cars generally have high end maintenance and repair costs. You have to weigh the love for the Audi feel against that cost.

Since this is primarly a commuter car for work my vote would be to just buy a very low miles, late model Corolla and beat that into the pavement.
From the “upscale” comment I would hope that trying to impress others is not part of the criteria with a car purchase. If I’m interpreting that incorrectly then apologies up front.
The Corolla is not flashy but would get the job done.

Either choice as a 90-mile-per-day commutermobile will be like attaching a vacuum cleaner directly to your wallet. Especially since buying them used exposes you to all of the prior owner’s bad habits. Shrinks say that when two divorced people make love there are really four people in the bed… the same holds true in used cars.

And don’t think gas prices will stay this low forever. That’s highly unlikely.

For the amount you’ll pay for either of these, you could afford a brand new modest car that gets much better mileage and comes with a warranty. And you get to break it in yourself. That’d be my choice.

I’d opt for comfort over anything else. A larger car, like a Mazda 6, or even a small-ish crossover might be more comfortable than either of those

Seems an unlikely pair of finalists. Neither would be a great commuter for most people. The Audi is more comfortable, efficient, has a nicer interior, is easier to get in an out of, and if it is an A4 or A3, has a back seat that comfortably seats two. The Camano is the sportier drive, not something most commuters care much about. The back seat is nearly useless, visibility is already poor on the Camaro hardtop, much worse on convertible, gas mileage will be poor and insurance costs high, making this an expensive commuter car.

Reliability probably favors the Chevy, and maintenance will cost less, but there are far more reliable cars that are even cheaper to operate. Unless you’re in an area where there are very few cars, you can almost certainly find something you like that will be more suitable as a commuter vehicle than these.

These comments are great and very helpful. I have the Camaro now, but the local dealer just traded for the Audi A5. Nice car, but I figured not as reliable or cost efficient as the Camaro. I will look at the Mazda 6 or keep the Camaro. Thanks!