2011 Buick Regal - Stabilitrak issue

the car is going all over the road and it fills like it out of control. then the service stabilitrak came on.

OK , why are you on the web ? This is a dangerous problem so have it towed to a shop before you hurt yourself or some other person sharing the road with you . This cannot be diagnosed over the internet because the causes are many.


Thank you for your response can’t wate to my wife this response she thinks I should be able to fix everything.

What are your tire pressures?

34-36-35-37. I have a appointment next week at the dealership they are going to come and get it. Wish it didn’t have to go back. Thanks

You might be able to temporarily drive it if you remove the fuse for ABS…just a thought. Does it feel like its braking?

It ended up being a broken lower rear control arm. The one for the toe adjustment. Thanks for the reply.