2011 Buick Regal burning oil

Mine is a 2011 Buick Regal, about 63k miles. Burning oil per my mechanic. Changed oil at 60K by 62+k miles it was dry.Now I have to constantly check the oil level manually. This week we had a storm all week. The ABS & Stabili Trak light went on. Can’t get it to go off. Worried about $$$$ repairs or high car payment but will have to get rid of it. I need something reliable.

No oil at all or none on the dipstick? The former usually means your engine is toast, the latter means you’re about 3 quarts low. Not good but not as bad as scenario 1. Three quarts in 2k is about a quart in 600-700 miles. Again, not good but it could be worse. Have the issue with ABS and StabiliTrak diagnosed and repaired. Right now your car isn’t safe and that’s way worse than burning oil. You can buy a lot of oil for what you’d spend on a new vehicle but clearly you’ve got the bug so get the current stuff fixed and start looking. Good luck.

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Thank you for your answer.

The car started to make a clacking noise almost like a diesel. I took it to mechanic said it was dry. So he added oil and noise went away. Then started new oil change at 60k then by 62+k dip stick was dry again. But had a little oil when mechanic drained it. He recommended for me to go back in 3k or if I have low level he would add oil. He recommended I get rid of the car because it’s burning oil or get a new engine. Yesterday went through a huge storm and lots of flooding which I tried to avoid but the roads were bad with pot holes as well and just yesterday the ABS and Stabili Track light turned on with the little tool like picture. I went to turn on car this morning and the lights are still on. Another site said how to turn it off, but not sure if I should try. I will check the brand fluid level but I will take it to mechanic on Monday. Too scared to drive it. I’m not comfortable driving it like this or getting into an accident.

What prevents you from checking and adding your own oil. At the minimum every week, when engine is cold or every fill up.

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I have been doing that. Checking the oil once a week. Last week I had it changed but within that week from checking it, the dip stick was dry.

I love my car, it’s fully loaded very nice wouldn’t want to trade it. At 63+k miles it shouldn’t be having these problems. At least the burning of engine oil. As long as it’s safe I will continue to drive it until I put more miles on it. However, i don’t want to get stranded being a female I am not comfortable getting stranded at night in any event. I carry a quart in my trunk just in case of an emergency. Any suggestions or do you agree with my mechanic? New engine is costly new car is costly as well even if it’s used.

GM has revised pistons for the 2.4L engine to correct the oil consumption problem, you may want to contact your Buick dealer to see if there is a warranty extension that applies to your vehicle.
After running the engine out of oil it may be too late for this engine however.

Which is it ? You went 2000 miles without checking your oil level or it used enough to not show on the stick in a week of how many miles. How often do you change the oil and filter ? You can drive without ABS and Stabil Track they just won’t activate. I think having a conversation with this mechanic as to how much all of this could cost is your best first step.


At about the 2000 after an oil change was done the clacking noise started. Took it in, added oil noise went away. Mechanic recommendation was to check oil often, consider new engine or consider getting rid of it. Started checking oil 1x a week. The 2nd occurrence was after the dip stick was dry even though I had been checking it. The week prior the dip stick showed at the 2nd line from the top of dipstick, week later it was dry. Changed oil again. Seems at 2500 mi had to change it. No oil leaking or signs of oil in my garage. No blue smoke no white smoke either. I Continue to watch it. I’m just frustrated. And I get the oil changed it seems at 2500 mi I’m not sure if the previous owner had this problem or not. It occurred 4-5 months after I bought it. I’m not the original owner.

Add a can of this to the oil.


If it doesn’t stop the oil burning, it may slow it down.

It’s okay to drive the vehicle with the ABS/Stabili-Track lights on.

Didn’t you drive cars long before these safety features were added to vehicles?


The ABS/Stabiltrak light being on may be a result of water/crud getting on a wheel sensor. That might take care of itself, or need only some cleaning of the electrical connections.

For the oil, you know it must be checked and topped up more often than you’d like, but that’s the wise thing to do now. It doesn’t need more frequent oil changes - whatever your owners manual calls for with your driving conditions. Usually twice a year or every x,000 miles. Good luck and please keep us informed.

just curious… is your mechanic a shop that repairs cars or a chain oil change shop, i.e. JIffy Lube?

Do you see blue smoke coming out of the exhaust. Burning that much oil should be visible at the exhaust. Engine compartment and under carriage is nice and dry?

A used or rebuilt engine is le$$ than another car.


Yes I about $3-5k

thank you

Yes, to I have driven cars for over 30 yrs, never had these lights come on. And thank you for link I will try it.

Yes, to the mechanic is a reputable mechanic and trustworthy.

No, to no oil dripping, no oil leaks my garage where I park my car everyday is clean. That’s the mystery.

No, to no blue smoke or white smoke.

I don’t want to get rid of it. I researched this just now, year make and model apparently others have had same issue and not only in Regals but GMC equinox and others so in 2015, gmc sent out letters then that owners can return their vehicle to service the sensor from 5k mi to 3k mi however, I called the dealerships and they no longer honor this. It was not classified under recall because they said it’s not a “safety issue”

Go figure.

Having to dump a quart of oil in the car every week or so on a nine year old car is certainly not a safety issue.

While deciding which long-term solution to choose, you would do best to check the oil dipstick more often than once a week, even daily if need be, and add oil as needed. That way the level doesn’t go critically low.


What are thoughts on using a heavier weight oil, SAE 10w30, instead of the recommended 5w30?

That’s what my mechanic recommended. Now I keep an eye on the oil level and get oil changes every $3k

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Before it met its maker, my diesel was down to one quart every 300 miles or so and a 100 mile commute. So I just checked it every night. You don’t want to let it get below the “add” mark which is one quart down.