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2011 Buick LaCrosse - CEL O2 sensor

check engine light on showing o2 sensor

That’s too bad.

So waddaya gonna’ to do?


Get the O2 sensor replaced. The car provided the solution for your issue.

How about getting the sensor tested first and replacing it if it checks bad? Can’t always assume it’s the sensor.


I provided an I detailed and thoughtless response to an undetailed and thoughtless post.

Throwing parts at the issue can become a very expensive non-fix. It may or may not be the O2 sensor’s fault. You need an OBD reader not just the CEL code. Look at the fuel trims, MAF, manifold pressure readings. Eng issues on today’s car are not easily fixable without diagnostic tools and knowing how to use them to analyze the data. After decades of analog, Brielle diagnostics I bit the bullet and bought a decent OBD reader.
I got my first CEL a couple of months ago. Went to Auto Zone. They gave me the code and the suggestion from their committee of experts was to replace the MAF sensor. After investigating on my own it turned out to be a dirty throttle body; MAF sensor - $95, can of MAF cleaner and an old toothbrush - $13 + OBD reader $95=$108. Car runs fine with better fuel mileage, but I did have to buy an OBD reader. Next time I won’t have to. Thing is without the reader I would have been out $95 and the car would still be running like s__t.