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2011 BMW Z4 - do you have to do the drive cycle?


So my brother’s 2011 BMW Z4 had not been driven much in the previous 3 months and failed the Delaware safety/emissions test because the O2 sensor and Catalyst were “not ready”. The tech’s first question was “had we replaced the battery” – yes about 3 months ago. The emissions tech, the local BMW dealer and web sites gave me random driving advice which is virtually impossible to do like the “BMW driving cycle” and/or driving it 200 to 500 miles. Does anybody have a rational solution? One that I could actually do during an upcoming 3 day visit?

Ok , I give up . Why can’t your brother do his own drive cycle ?

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Why can’t someone take a 200+ mile rode trip? That’s less than four hours on the interstate.

Google this: emissions drive cycle 2011 BMW
Now follow the instructions, or, have your brother do that, or hire someone to do what’s necessary to finish the drive cycle.
I live in Delaware, and had to go through this to get one car to pass emissions.
Really only took a trip to a store that’s about 30 miles away, making sure to shut the car off periodically. IIRC if you buy a cheap bluetooth OBD reader and put “torque” app on phone, it will tell you when cycle is complete.

  • "Just Do It"

OR… He could sell me the car for $50.00 \ROTFL\