Emissions Test after O2 sensor replacement

I have a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta with 110K miles which failed emissions testing. Long story short I replaced catalytic converter, air intake system, had a complete tune-up and had all O2 sensors replaced. How many miles does it now need to be driven before the vehicle is ready to run the emissions test. It’s already been run approx 140 miles (1/2 city, 1/2 hwy)and the repair person says the computer it still not “clicking over” for the catalytic converter. He syas it’s not showing any error messages and is running smooth but the emissions test cannot be run until the computer “clicks over”.

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A friend of mine had the same problem with passing smog on his Ranger.

I told him to order the factory wiring diagrams
& I would check it out for him.

I found the fuses that were wired to the PCM & marked “hot at all times” Sure enough one was blown. Replaced it and problem solved.

Obviously this was the KAM (keep alive memory) fuse for the PCM (the cars computer)

The PCM has to remember it’s settings the same as your radio does.

I you are very lucky a blown fuse is all thats wrong with your car.

Thanks for post. I told the repair guy about your answer. He says the PCM is reading out normal on everything and it just needs to be driven more (now 260 miles). He also says that it may need to be driven in a particular cycle i.e., alternating city and hwy for a certain amount of time. 260 miles seems like more than adequate mileage to but he says it can take longer. He also says that apparently this “driving cycle” is some sort of “top secret” information that VW will not divulge. Any thoughts?

Well if a blown fuse is not the problem lets hope one of the other guys on this forum will have some ideas.

The drive cycle will speed up the relearning process, but 260 miles should be more than enough to accomplish the same thing.

A code clear with a VW scanner is not an option here? (this is a question)

It’s a good question. There will be no code until the computer (PCM) knows that the monitor for that system is in ready status. Of course, we hope that there is no code when the monitor then tests the system. Most code readers that are useful will show the monitors. The ones that are not ready will be flashing. Ready ones are steady.

For the OP, there may be a problem. The system should have tested by now in my opinion. I still cannot say that the tech is wrong and I hope you report when things are normal.

This is not a dealer so I guess its not an option.