2011 BMW X1 - Why does my car pull right?

What what make the front wheel pull to the right

  • Right brakes dragging
  • Tire tread pattern or damaged tire
  • Wheel alignment incorrect
  • Low tire pressure on right side
  • Damaged or worn suspension part(s)
  • That particular road is tilted to the right more than most roads

First step, make sure all 4 tires are correct pressure. Then suggest to feel if any wheels feel much hotter than the others after long-ish drive without doing much braking. If not, ask shop to move tires around, see if that has any effect on the pull. If not, 4-wheel alignment.

You mention the front wheel is pulling to right, but when car pulls to one side, it’s very hard to know if the problem is the front or the rear, have to test for both.


Most pulls are caused by tire belt separation, have the tires inspected.

Some “pulling” complaints are cause by tires that have worn through to the seel belts.


I’ll add one more… Accident damaged car.

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Multiple curb strikes, brushes will do that.

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We can’t tell you much without more information. Take your BMW to a shop you trust and have them check the suspension. If you had an accident, even just striking a curb, that might be a reason for damaged suspension parts.

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Gotta admit. X1 is a cool name for a car. Too bad it’s a suv though

Here’s one simple triage step you can try.

Try swapping your front two tires with each other. (Move the left front to right front, and the right front to left front).

After you do that, if the car now begins pulling to the left instead of the right, then the problem is with one of the two front tires. Very likely a separated tire belt as Nevada_545 noted above.