2011 BMW M3 - Seized engine

Found site with remaned motor for $8500. Install is $2k. And the core charge is $3k. If your old motor is good. A spun bearing just means bad crank? Maybe 1 bad rod?

Exactly. I used to get my oil changed a a local JL until I bought a car that required synthetic oil. The JL price is far higher than my usual mechanic, and I go there now. They always tried to sell me a transmission oil change, but they didn’t have the Honda trans fluid. They said the universal fluid was just fine. I didn’t believe them and they never did more than oil on that Honda. This particular place did good work for my other cars, though, and I never had problems. As with everything else, you gotta know enough to keep from getting screwed.


Back when we still had our Odyssey, I took it to my regular mechanic for it’s inspection and asked him to change the transmission fluid while he had it up on the lift. He has a policy with all Honda’s that he only uses Honda ATF, but gives you the option of bringing it in if you’d rather instead of him ordering it from the dealership. It’s the little stuff like that why I’m happy to keep using him when I have a project beyond what I can handle.


If re-engining a car that old were gonna cost 36 large, I’d want it to be an upgrade… Like, it should come with an afterburner. :wink:

For that kinda money you might as well just replace the car.


Yeah, agreed 100%.

I wouldn’t own a BMW in the first place, simply because of the high cost of ownership and repairs.

But finding out it needs a $36K engine replacement? Time to trade that car in, or take it to the junkyard.

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It’s still a nice car. Even if it’s not running.