2011-10-29 Show Segment 2: All locked up and no where to go

I do not know much about auto locksmithing, but was surprised that you could not unlock a rear car door with typical tools that are used to unlock the front doors. No mention of it on the show. Is this possible?

The front door have key locks with rods that connect to the lock, the back door don’t have that setup.

That said, I have a stiff but bendable wire, thicker than a cloths hanger with a rubber tip that I use to unlock cars and haven’t met on that I couldn’t open with it. (I made it myself after years of unlocking locked cars I worked in a parking lot) The wire is stiff enough to press the unlock button, roll down windows (the manual kind) pull door handles push and pull locks, and flexible enough to be bent into just about any shape needed The other end had a notch that is small enough and sharp enough to grab the flush door locks ford liked to use years ago. And it’s cheap to make less then a buck or two. It’s hard to patent a wire so I’ll probably never market it.