2010 toyota tacoma



after running my standard 2 wheel drive tacoma and parking it for 30-45 minutes, trying to start it takes 2 tries. All it seems to do is sputter a little like it wants to start. The second try it starts. the only modifications i have done to the truck is to install a k&n filter to the 2.7 4 cylinder. Someone told me it could be a leaking injector. A0fter it sits for a few hours it starts normally. Of course i took it back to the dealer and they cant duplicate the problem, only i can .


Suggest you clean the wire on the MAF sensor and remove the K&N filter and go back to either the OEM filter or a new regular paper element filter. The oil from the K&N filters has a negative affect on the MAF.


What is a k&n filter, Which filter? You might try to figure out how to have the problem occur at the dealer, so they can check and fix it, looking at UncleTurbo’s post, try that first?


K&N makes a Cold Air Induction system that allegedly allows more and cooler/denser air to be drawn in. It uses an oiled conical filter. The oil fumes have been known to coat and mess up MAF sensors, as Uncle T pointed out.

I say allegedly because I personally think theres’ more placebo effect than actual performance enhancement.


What is a k&n filter, Which filter?

K&N makes a number of different filters, but it is the oiled air filters that we usually see problems with.

Just a little too much oil in the filter allows oil to enter the intake, and that can damage the MAF sensor.

While I would not use them myself, I don’t know of problems with their dry air filters or their fluid filters.