2010 Toyota Prius - Running rough

engine vibrates runs rough

That’s exactly what you should tell the service writer at your Toyota dealer or independent mechanic.


Have someone try cleaning the electronic throttle body.


what the mileage?

spark plugs are due to be replaced at 115-120K miles from what I recollect and although my set lasted to 130K miles, it was running a little rough and upon replacement it’s noticeably smoother

another “usual” problem in Gen2 generation is in the mass airflow sensor, which is located right under the air filter and if whoever replaces the filter and is not careful enough not to dump some dust and dirt down, it’s “usual” for this setup to end up in partially clogged MAF sensor and rough ride after that

Is the check-engine light on?

Idle rpm only? Or during driving? Both? Any engine computer diagnostic codes?

this is hybrid, so no “idle”

it either works and pumps juice or gets into the engine stop

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130k & plugs are old

replace them, with OEM-specified iridium type, but @Tester gave another great advise above about cleaning the throttle body, definitely worth few pennies on the solvent and paper towels

my spark plugs made it to 133K miles actually and one had visually wider gap, that’s probably what caused the rough operations… otherwise plugs were in great shape

Idle & intermittent while driving got more frequent so parked it

Mom’s 2010 Prius hasn’t experienced this yet but if it did the first stop would be the independent mechanic to be fixed.

Unlike animals, cars do not get better with rest and relaxation.

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