2010 Toyota Prius distorted rear view

The view through the rear window is very distorted to the point you can’t tell distances or what the object is.

Out which window? The slanted upper one or the vertical lower one?

Have you tried cleaning it? If you turn around and look, is it still distorted? No? Then it is your rearview mirror.

The car is 10 years old, did you just notice it?


Can you describe the distortion better? Is this a new thing, or has it been there since you’ve owned the car?

Several years ago, when I got into my 2005 Prius, it looked like the lower rear window, the tinted one, was covered with spider webs. I opened the rear hatch, and when I closed it, the window crumbled into small pieces and fell out. I think it got hit by a stone (probably from my weed whacking), which broke it. That glass is designed to break into small chunks when it breaks. BTW, my comprehensive coverage in my insurance covered it, with a $250 deductible.

Prius car exhaust a large amount of smug and that smug cloud can seriously distort the view out the back of the car. This is why prius drivers are blissfully unaware of how their driving annoys those behind them.

Serious answer:

Do you wear glasses? Has the glass been cleaned inside and out?

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