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2010 Toyota Prius - Dealer wants

My Prius is near 100,000 miles and the Toyota dealer wants me to go to a premium limited warranty product for coolant replacement and synthetic oil change. I would have to replace coolant every 30,000 miles and oil every 10,000. Is it worth the extra money?

Not sure what that product is . But replacing coolant every five years is what I do . Some people do it more often . As for oil changes that is listed in your manual . Both of our vehicles say 7000 miles or 1 year . So look in your manual and you do not need a dealer to do the work .

Toyota Super Long Life coolant is good for 50,000 miles/5 years after replacement. Your Prius uses synthetic motor oil with a 10,000 mile oil change interval.

Does the premium product that they offer provide a warranty on cooling system parts?

Through the local Toyota dealership, MMA offers up to $4000 protection for 30,000 miles on the cooling system. On the engine, up to $2,500 protection with their synthetic oil for 6 months or 10,000 miles. My Prius is at 96,000 miles and this warranty service would not be offered to me when my car exceeds 100,000.

As a retired person, I am thinking this must me a money-making for the dealership.


The dealership is not selling you coolant or oil, they are selling you insurance and, oh, by the way, we’ll change your oil and coolant, too.

Just say no.