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2010 Toyota Highlander Hybrid stale urine smell

My clean car sat for 6 weeks in the garage, attached to a trickle charger.
Today, I started her up and suddenly I was transported back through time into old phone booth. The unforgettable smell of stale urine was pouring through the air vents and there I was, standing, dime in hand, overcome. It was rough!
Any ideas?

Dirty air conditioner? Check the cabin air filter, I have found a number of mice nests on them.


Mice. Nevada’s right.

I agree, a few years back my 2013 Equinox had that smell after being left at dealer over the weekend. I found a nest on top of the cabin filter, didn’t find any critters though. I replaced the cabin filter after spraying a 1/2 can of Lysol into the windshield cowl with the blower on max. This took care of the smell.