2010 Toyota Highlander Hybrid - All the warnings

Was driving when all light in dash board come on car shut down and after i press start switch it wont start

It’s broken, have it towed to a shop.


How old is the 12V battery? When my 2011 hybrid 12V battery died the car could not be started, even when it was jumped.

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Dash warning lights usually mean some diagnostic codes are now stored in your car’s computer memory. Don’t disconnect battery, otherwise will erase valuable info. The codes will give you a clue to what’s happening. Ask your shop to read those out for you. If you post the actual codes here, often something like P0170, you’ll likely get some ideas what to next.

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A number of failures could cause the engine to stall.

The last Toyota Hybrid that I inspected that stalled while driving had a seized engine and a hole in the block. No faults recorded.

When your engine stalls all of your dash lights come on if your battery has ehiugh juice to light them.