2010 Toyota Camry - Tires Cupping

Cupping on tires all the way around. Worse in right front. Two sets I a row. Second set better than first went 40k before it got bad. Replaced shocks before this set and now have same problem again.

Here you go. There can be numerous reasons, and sometimes it’s called cupping when it’s scalping. Being it’s in the front, I suspect alignment or a bad suspension part (like ball joints).

Once the problem is fixed, the tires will remain out of round.

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Would driving at interstate speeds for two hours at a time twice a day 5 days a week exacerbate this situation increasing type wear due to holding high tire temperatures for these long periods of time.

On properly inflated and balanced tires, no

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It’s an alignment problem due to age and/or wear in the suspension and/or steering components. The car is 10 years old and has what I assume to be a fair number of miles on it based on the interstate speeds twice a day five days a week comment.



I would get the car repaired soon. There is a certain speed where your tire bounce will synchronize with speed and it’ll bounce harder, in some cases almost uncontrollably. With my car it was somewhere around 60 MPH. Handling and safety are compromised.

Watch the tires closely. With an out-of-balance, tires can go from acceptable to worn out very quickly…