2014 Toyota Camry - Tires cupped

4 tires are cupped. Tires? Or suspension?

I NEED to makr a 500 mile trip before i replace the tires

I can’t see your tires, so I don’t know.
Why not take it to a shop and ask them?

A simple Google question ( why do tires cup ) would have given you the possible cause of cupping.
Such as - worn shocks and struts - tires under inflated - sometimes cheap tires will do that .

Now go out to the vehicle and push down on all 4 corners and if the vehicle bounces more then a couple of times there is your answer.

Most likely you need shocks and struts all around. The tires are already gone, they’ll just keep cupping even after the repair, and new tires will do the same thing if you don’t replace the shocks and struts.

If no parts of the tread are under the legal limit and if the whole car doesn’t shake noticeably when you drive it, then I suppose you can get away with making this drive first.

Here’s what causes tire cupping.

The car needs new tires and struts/shocks.