2000 camry stalls at stoplights

My camry with 87,00 miles stalls when I take my foot off the break at stoplights. Three certified Toyota mechanics say they can’t fix it until it happens again. No one is interested in checking for clogged sensors. Any ideas?

What can you tell us–specifically–about the car’s maintenance history?
For instance, has the 90k mile service been done?
I ask because that service is supposed to be done at 90 months (7 1/2 years) or 90k miles, whichever comes first.

On a low-mileage car like this, maintenance should be done on the basis of elapsed time, rather than on the basis of odometer mileage.

Also–is the Check Engine Light lit up?

In addition to what @VDCdriver is asking, also provide a more detailed description of what is happening.

You can start up the car just fine? And how does it run? So you drive it and you come to a stop and it is fine? And as you’re sitting stopped with your foot on the brake it is fine? But then you lift your foot from the brake and it stalls? Or is it when you step on the gas pedal? Ok, so it stalls, and then what? Does it always do this? If not, how often?

You don’t have a clogged sensor. And it is rarely the case that a shop wants to just go on a hunting expedition for an intermittent problem. It takes a ton of time - and that means a ton of money charged to the customer. And if it is intermittent, then it’s practically impossible to diagnose. If you want something proactive done, ask a shop to clean your throttle body and idle air control valve. That may or may not do something.