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2010 Toyota Avalon - how important is the power steering rack boot?

I have a recommendation to change the Power Steering Rack Boot. I want to know about how much this cost and is it dangerous to drive my vehicle I have 105,000 miles on my vehicle.

If the boot is bad, dirt can get in and destroy the seals. Then you will be looking at a new or rebuilt rack at a much greater cost.
Go to an independent shop and have them check to confirm that replacement is need. Cost will vary with where you live and the source of the boot (although probably unnecessary, I would replace both).
I would presume an alignment after replacement would be required.

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Changing damaged boot is very important. If you let it go , it will cause your rack to be damaged which is way more costly.

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Please tell us why the shop says to change the rack boot . . .

Is it torn?

Is it wet?

If it’s wet, that means the rack’s internal seals are no longer doing their job, and you actually need an entire rack and pinion unit, not just the boots

The boot protects the inner tie rod socket and the seal on that end of the rack from contamination.

It’s not dangerous to drive the vehicle sans the boot.