2010 Toyota 4Runner - De-Cab?

I have a 4runner that has 100k miles, the dealer is recommending when I change my plugs I do a DE-Cab. The manual says nothing about a DE-CAB Is the dealer trying to boost the bill?

I think they meant de-carb, a treatment to remove carbon from engine.
If your engine is running smooth and no CEL, it is just a revenue generator.

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Must be a Downeaster mechanic.


Or de-taxi?

In any event, I do not recommend that the OP remove the cab from his 4Runner.


That was my first thought as well. I thought perhaps he wanted help turning his truck into a convertible?

If you have a direct injection (DI) engine, that might be the motivation for that dealership suggestion. Early DI engine designs had problems with the valves getting carbonized and this eventually caused the engine in some cases to run poorly. If you engine is in that category, might be a good idea to do it. Later on the engineers seemed to have figured out a solution to the problem, so routine de-carb maintenance isn’t a necessary thing for those later DI designs.