2010 Subaru Forester - Noisy

just bought a used 2010 subaru forester - when accelerating, the engine seems noisier than other cars - almost like there’s a hole in the muffler (but there isn’t). The noise is not present when the car is idleing or moving but foot not depressing the accelerator. Is this normal?

Ok, the hole isn’t in the muffler but could be somewhere else in the exhaust system. You really should have that checked out. Exhaust leaks can be dangerous to your health.

+1 to Mustangman’s comment.
However, I want to offer an alternative explanation, namely the possibility that the transmission is slipping (if it has an automatic trans), or that the clutch is slipping (if it has a manual trans), thus causing the engine to “rev” higher than it should.

The OP can confirm or exclude this possibility by noting the reading on her tachometer when she accelerates, and then reporting that info back to us.


Could be trouble with the exhaust manifold, if it is an exhaust problem. Have it checked out.