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2010 Scion tC - Seized

engine seized but not sure whos fault the mechanic’s because just went for an oil change or son just failed to do the right thing as it all happened a the same time

Depends on why the engine seized. It could gave seized because it overheated. If the temperature gauge went into the red and teenage son kept driving then it’s probably on him. OTOH, if the mechanic did something wrong that allowed the oil to drain out it’s on him.

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But if the low oil pressure light came on the car should have been shut off immediately and oil level checked.

No way to even guess with out a lot of information about what happened before seizer . Did oil drain out , was there noise , did any dash lights come on and was the oil level checked as soon as engine quit .
First talk to place that did oil change . No satisfaction there then pay an independent shop to look at the vehicle and give their opinion as what caused this failure. Also it may have just been ready to fail no matter what.

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The oil scenario depends on how much warning the kid had. Yes, if he kept driving with the oil pressure light on he bears some blame. As of now we don’t know the whole story.

Can you please elaborate?

What is it that your son failed to do?

And just “what” happened at the same time?

As of now, we know next to nothing regarding the actual circumstances.
Could the OP return to this thread, and elaborate on exactly what happened?
Specifically, could the OP explain the following?

When was the oil changed?
How far was it driven (presumably by your son), in terms of miles and minutes/hours/days before the engine seized?

Unless your son decided to start the engine while the mechanic was performing the oil change, this entire scenario could not have “all happened at the same time”.